The RFoF1P4MED is a miniature active electro-optical wide-band sensor system for induced voltage measurements. It was jointly developed with our Z43 partner organization ZMT Zurich MedTech AG (ZMT) and allows medical implant immunity testing for compatibility with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) environments in a precise and easy manner.

RFoF1P4MED is compatible with MRI systems up to 7T. With the ability to acquire the complex-valued voltage signals in the frequency range from 10 MHz – 1 GHz, RFoF1P4MED fulfils all probe requirements stated in ISO/IEC TS10974 Clause 15 for Tier 3 evaluations.

The TDS RFoF1P4MED system includes:

Remote Unit A SPEAG 1RU1TDS Standalone or a SPEAG 1RU1TDS PXI Remote Unit that acts as the photonic power supply for the RFoF1P4MED probe and as the opto-electric converter in the probe return link.
Electro-Optical Voltage Probe A SPEAG RFoF1P4MED  high-input impedance differential fiber-optic voltage probe operating in the frequency range from 10 MHz – 1 GHz.
Fiber-Optic Interconnect A SPEAG RFoF4MEDFOI  fiber-optic interconnect patch-cord between the probe and the TDS Remote Unit.
Calibration Unit A SPEAG RFoF4MEDCU  calibration unit, based on a wide-band balun transformer to perform on-site validations and calibration with a two-port vector network analyzer.
  • ClickCleaner (optical connector cleaner)
  • RFoF1P1P4MED Professional Handbook
  • 3.5 mm RF coaxial cable (length 0.6 m)
  • USB cable
  • USB power supply
Calibration Calibration is performed to SPEAG's high standards.