ISMRM 2014 Publications

SEMCAD X Publications at ISMRM 2014

List of Oral Sessions, Traditional and Electronic Posters presented at ISMRM 2014 based on work with SEMCAD X and MUSAIK.

EMF Exposure and Temperature Increase of Anatomical Pregnant Women Models with 3T RF Shimmed Birdcage

Manuel Murbach, Esra Neufeld, Fraser J. L, Robb, Niels Kuster - IT'IS Foundation, GE Healthcare

Influence of Deep-Region RF Hyperthermia System on B1+ Field of 1.5T MR Scanner: a Simulation Study

Tomas Drizdal, Matthew R. Tarasek, Ruben Pellicer, Muhammad H. Chishti, Wouter C. M. Numan, Gyula Kotek, Desmond T. B. Yeo, Margarethus M. Paulides - Erasmus MC, GE Global Research

Variation in Thermal Maps during RF Heating Due to Variation in Electrical Conductivity in TEM Coil at 298 MHz.

Muhammad H. Chishti, Matthew R. Tarasek, Margarethus M. Paulides,  Desmond T. B. Yeo - Erasmus MC, GE Global Research

Direct SAR Mapping by Thermoacoustic Imaging: A Feasibility Study

Simone A. Winkler, Paul Picot, Michael Thornton, Brian K. Rutt - Stanford University
ePoster ID 1023

Flip Angle Inhomogeneity Constrained pTx Pulse Design for Minimum Peak Local SAR

Mihir Pendse, Simone A. Winkler, Brian Rutt - Stanford University
Traditional Poster ID 6495

Modular and Versatile Multi-Row Transmit Array Based on a Novel Decoupled Coil Element

Riccardo Stara, Simone A. Winkler, Ronald D. Watkins, Alessandra Retico, Michela Tosetti, and Brian K. Rutt - Stanford University
ePoster ID 5254

Design of a 96-Channel Bilateral Prone Breast Array for High Performance Parallel MRI

Mike J. Smith, Scott B. King - National Research Center Canada

Impact of Coupling in Tx-array Coil Design for Transmit SENSE at 3T

Scott King, Mike Smith et al. - National Research Center Canada

An 8 Channel Transceiver Phased Array Coil Combined with a Surgical Robot for an MR Assisted Robotic Surgery

Seunghoon Ha et al. - IMRIS

En Route to Ultrahigh Field Cardiac MR in Patients: RF Safety Assessment of Intracoronary Stents at 7.0 T Using Numerical Simulations and E-Field Measurements

Eva Irene Oberacker et al. - Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine, Berlin

Construction of a 2-Channel Transmit/Receive Neck Array for Carotid Artery Vessel Wall Imaging at 7 Tesla

Konstantinos Papoutsis et al. - University of Oxford

Influence of Collimator Insertion on Eddy Currents for different Resistivities of Tungsten

Amine Samoudi, Karen Van Audenhaege, Günter Vermeeren et al. - Ghent University

High Resolution MRI and High Sensitive 31P MRS of Axillary Lymph Nodes at 7T

Debra S. Rivera , Alexander J. Raaijmakers et al. - Max Planck Institute, Leipzig, Germany; UMC Utrecht, Netherlands

An optimized setup for simultaneous EEG-fMRI at ultra-high field in a head-only 7T scanner

João Jorge, Frédéric Grouiller, Özlem Ipek, et al. - EPFL

Comprehensive Coronary Artery Imaging at 7.0 T: Proof of Feasibility

Raaijmakers, Alexander et al. - UMC Utrecht

The Effect of Brain Tumors on Local SAR Levels at 7T

Restivo, Matthew C et al. - UMC Utrecht

Helix Antennas: Approaching the Target from a Different Angle

Raaijmakers, Alexander et al. - UMC Utrecht

Successful Body Imaging at 7 Tesla: The Fractionated Dipole Antenna

Raaijmakers, Alexander et al. - UMC Utrecht

Why Do Dipole Antennas Work? a Comparison to Loop Coils as a Function of Element Size

Raaijmakers, Alexander et al. - UMC Utrecht

Building a computational model of a transmit body coil: considerations for RF safety

E. Lucano, et al. - FDA

Comparison of RF Resonators Using Microstrip for Human Head at 3T

Hyeok-Woo Son, et al. - Kyungpook National University

EM and thermal validation of a numerical elliptical birdcage at 3T in the presence of a long conductive wire

Mélina Bouldi, et al. - Grenoble Institut des Neurosciences

High resolution T1ro in human wrist cartilage with a SAR and SENSE optimized coil at 7T

Mark W. J. M. Gosselink, et al. - UMC Utrecht

Measuring RF currents induced in implants using B1+ maps

Mélina Bouldi1 et al. - Grenoble Institut des Neurosciences

Numerical simulations of RF heating for infants within MR body coil

Xin Chen, et al. - Toshiba Medical Research Institute USA, Inc., Case Western Reserve University

A Simulation Based Validation of a pTx Pulse Design Strategy Using Implant-Friendly Modes for Patients with DBS Implants

Yigitcan Eryaman, et al. - MIT, MGH, Invenshure, Rey Juan Carlos University

Simultaneous Determination of Electrical Properties and Proton Density in a Generalized Gradient-based Electrical Properties Tomography

Jiaen Liu et al. - University of Minnesota

Toward 10.5T MRI

J. Thomas Vaughan, et al. - University of Minnesota

Use of Adaptive Diffusion Filters to Estimate In-Vivo Conductivity Images from B1+ Maps

Eric Michel, et al. - Kyung Hee University

Virtual Tissue Electrical Properties: A New Concept for Fast, Robust Local SAR Estimation Based on B1 Measurement

Xiaotong Zhang, et al. - University of Minnesota

Worst-Case Analysis of RF-Induced Heating During MRI Scanning in a Generic Multi-Component Orthopedic Medical Implant Applying the Design of Experiment Method (DoE)

Mahdi Abbasi, et al. - MR:comp GmbH, University of Duisburg-Essen