SPEAG provides all the components necessary for precise measurements of S11 of electrically small antennas.

OH - Optical Head

OH - Optical Head

The optical head is a fiber-optic system that provides the forward reference signal from and the return signal to the Remote Unit in a minimal volume right at the feed point of the antenna.

Detailed specifications: OH

Remote Unit

Remote Unit

The Remote Unit is the interface between the 2-port network analyzer and the optical head, as well as the photonic power supply to the optical head, responsible for:

  • conversion of the RF output from port 1 of the VNA to an optical signal sent to the optical head 
  • conversion of the return signal from the optical head to an RF input signal sent to port 2 of the VNA

Detailed specifications: Remote Unit


Calibration Kit

Calibration Kit

The MCK40H manual calibration kit for the OH4VNA system is the open-short-load (OSL) standard for the calibration of the optical head. It provides direct mini SMP connectivity for precise and reliable calibration results.

Detailed specifications: MCK4OH

In-Circuit PCB Adapter

In-Circuit PCB Adapter

The in-circuit PCB adapter ICA4OH provides an additional screw-on connection for the OH to increase mechanical stability to support connection to larger antennas or devices.

Detailed specifications: ICA4OH

Wideband Couplers

Wide-band Couplers

The wideband couplers C4OH for the Optical Head provide signal forward and return coupling in the frequency range from 500 MHz ‒ 6 GHz in a miniature size.

Detailed specifications: C4OH

SMA4OH adaptor

SMA adaptor

The SMA adaptor SMA4OH provides connectivity between the optical head mini-SMP connector and a standard SMA connector.

Detailed specifications: SMA4OH