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What is MAGPy?

SPEAG’s Magnetic Amplitude and Gradient Probe System (MAGPy) is a cutting-edge all-in-one instrument for fast and reliable compliance testing according to the basic restrictions for wireless power transfer (WPT) systems and any other near-field sources operating at frequencies of 3 kHz − 10 MHz. The device is constructed of 24 small time-domain (TD) loop sensors arranged on the corner of a cube for determining the magnetic (H/B) amplitude and gradient and three dipole sensors to measure the electric (E-) field amplitude. Conservative estimates of the induced E-fields, current density, and specific absorption rate (SAR) in the human body at any position are compared to the basic restrictions, while the incident H/B- and E-fields are compared to the reference levels and displayed in real time in the time or frequency domain (FD) on the intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). By comparison with basic restrictions it lowers the overestimation introduced by compliance testing with reference levels by up to 40 dB.  MAGPy is fully compatible with the latest IEC standards.

  • automotive WPT
  • industrial and utility, e.g., industrial welding, induction cooking, electronic article surveillance, and WPT
  • energy supply, e.g., installation and operators of WPT networks
  • ubiquitous devices equipped with WPT technologies, e.g., mobile phones, implantable medical devices, wearable devices and Internet of Things (IoT)
  • high power electromagnetic sources for defense/military, e.g., military power supplies
Guidelines MAGPy permits testing of compliance of devices with current guidelines for both the general public and occupational exposures, including: FCC, INCIRP 1998, ICNIRP 2010, IEEE C95.1 2005, EU Directive 2013, HC Code 6, BGV B11, 26.BlmSchV.


Frequency range

Advanced Field Sensors


Measurement Range

Gradient range

Sampling rate


3 kHz – 10 MHz

24 TD H/B-field 1 cm2 loop sensors
3 TD E-field integrated isotropic 5 cm sensor dipoles

H/B-field: 90 dB (1.2 x 10-4 – 4 mT)
E-field: 87 dB (0.08 V/m – 2 kV/m)

0.1 – 80 T/m/T

25 MHz (real-time decimation supported for H/B field sensors)

Browser-based GUI compatible with any Windows x64-based personal computer or tablet


Increased Accuracy

Large scale measurements

Novel Compliance Testing Method

Reduced interference

All-in-one device


Standards compliant

Improved isotropy
High spatial resolution (<1 cm3)
Determination of field gradients

Covers the entire range of near-field WPT sources
Measures fields from <1% to up to four times the occupational limits

Estimation of induced fields and SAR through amplitude and gradient information
Reduced overestimation of exposure by direct comparison with the basic restrictions

Low interaction with the measured fields

Measures incident (H/B/E) fields for assessment of compliance with reference levels and basic restrictions

Fully equipped with web-based GUI and embedded software for compliance testing

Compliance testing procedure in line with the latest safety standards (IEC TC106 PT63184)


May 4th, 2020