ICEy-mmW can be upgraded with all features of ICEy-EMC for unparalled, traceable EMC/EMI evaluation capabilities.


ICEy-EMC is the most advanced reactive near-field scanning system for the analysis of EM interference and compatibility (EMI/EMC) in highly integrated electronics.
ICEy comes as a fully integrated turnkey system that includes all the components necessary for you to start making measurements on your device-under-test (DUT) immediately after professional setup and on-site training by our engineers.

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ICEy-EMC can be upgraded with all features of ICEy-mmW for 5G mm-wave power density compliance testing.



Positioning System
The four-axis (x,y,z, probe roll) precision Gantry positioning system – with total axis travel of 600 × 500 × 120 mm3, 360° – allows for an accessible DUT scanning volume of 450 × 450 × 115 mm3 with absolute probe positioning accuracy of <±25 μm. Global geometric references for the probe tip location and DUT detection systems are provided by two orthogonal fork LASER light barriers.
Test Chamber
The test chamber is fully shielded to efficiently suppress ambient RF-EM fields. The multi-layered wide-band ECCOSORB FHY-NRL hybrid absorber around the scanning area is used to make the test environment anechoic. Customizable feedthrough inserts are available on either side of the chamber. The chamber integrates a probe repository that holds up to 4 probes and allows for automatic probe exchange.  
DUT Detection
A color camera system that supports synthetic aperture stereo-vision with a resolution of 0.07 × 0.07 mm2/pixel is used to acquire a surface image of the DUT on the workbench, allowing the user to graphically plan the measurements. A highly detailed surface map (detection limit < ± 20 μm) of the DUT is reconstructed based on a sub-pixel detection-enhanced LASER triangulation scan.  
RF M&T Equipment – Probes
ICEy is compatible with all SPEAG TDS ICEy probes, allowing for full EM phasor measurements with our unique TDS technology and the use of an advanced vector signal analyzer. A full set of 4 TDS ICEy probes (H1TDSx, H1TDSz, E1TDSx, E1TDSz), as well as a TDS remote unit in PXI module form factor, are included with the ICEy system. Also included is a high-end NI PXIe-5665 vector signal analyzer that covers vector measurements over the 20 Hz – 14 GHz frequency range, with a noise floor better than −165 dBm/Hz@1GHz, 3 dB bandwidth of 50 MHz, and absolute amplitude uncertainty of <1 dB.
Equipment Rack / Scanner Support Table The ICEy test chamber is mounted on a scanner support table that integrates all the electronic equipment required to run the ICEy system. The scanner support table includes a high performance industrial grade PC for system control and post-processing, the ICEy interface and motion control electronics, and an 18 slot PXIe chassis, which hosts the PXI-based RF M&T equipment with a high-speed PCI express link to the PC.
External Peripherals On either side of the scanner support table, external peripherals for the operator station can be connected. The system offers 2 HDMI, 8 USB, and 2 Ethernet ports and comes with a 24" LCD, mouse, and keyboard ready for immediate usage.
Validation and Calibration Sources ICEy comes with an RF-EM validation device integrated in the test chamber to automatically and independently verify the system performance before the start of a measurement campaign. ICEy is delivered with calibration patterns and bodies to calibrate and verify LASER fork light barriers and camera systems.  
System Software The system includes our advanced integrated measurement, control, postprocessing, visualization, and data export software for close-near-field EMI/EMC scanning. For details, please refer to the ICEy software description.