Layered Multi-Tissue Chest Phantom

Layered Multi-Tissue Chest Phantom

Layered chest phantom (skin, fat, and muscle tissues) for accurate evaluation and quality assurance of an implantable medical device with a radiofrequency link



Precise and repeatable assessment of the communication system of implant devices; representing the path loss in real humans including inter-tissue reflections


Skin layer manufactured from a silicone- and carbon-based mixture (color: black) with dielectric properties according to CTIA definitions for hand phantoms

Muscle and fat layers filled with two tissue simulating liquids with muscle and fat dielectric properties respectively

High-precision, low-RF-loss plastic used for outer shell and thin wall separating fat and muscle liquid compartments

Specialized device holder enables repeatable positioning of the implant at different depths underneath the skin

Frequency Range

0.3 - 3 GHz or >3 GHz