Platform MP8EE/3D TX2-90XL

MP8EE TX2-90XL & MP83D TX2-90XL Platform

The MP8EE/3D TX2-90XL platform, a specialized platform based on TX2-90XL, consists of:

  • A stable non-metallic platform for the TX2-90XL robot
  • A frame for two standard-size phantoms (1.0 × 0.5 m)
  • A frame for additional two standard-size phantoms, or one whole-body phantom (2.0 x 0.75 m) or a 4-unit cSAR3D system
  • A frame for one half-size phantom (0.5 × 0.5 m)


It includes two easily movable trolleys for the phone and tablet/computer positioner and two platforms for positioning dipoles and other antennas.

Material The beams consist of a composite of wood and epoxy (permittivity of 3.3 and loss tangent of <0.07)

The footprint of the platform is 2120 × 2010 mm. A detailed drawing of the platform can be downloaded here.

Pedestal Options


The pedestal is a structure below the MP8E/3D TX2-90XL platform that lifts the entire platform by 200 mm or 400 mm to enable easier access to the phone positioner. The following pedestals are available:

  • MPEE TX2-90XL-200mm
  • MPEE TX2-90XL-400mm
  • Custom heights can be made on special request