DASY V5.2 (V5.2-SAR, V5.2-AIR, V5.2-NEO)

SAR Compliance Testing

DASY52 is fully compliant with:

    • national and international SAR standards, e.g., IEC 62209-1, IEC 62209-2, IEEE 1528, CE, and FCC regulations, etc.,
    • base-station standards, e.g., IEC 62232

SAR testing requires the SAR (or higher) license level.

HAC Compliance Testing

DASY52 is fully compliant with hearing aid compatibility (HAC) standards, e.g., ANSI-C63.19. HAC testing requires the AIR, PRO, or NEO license level.

Medical Devices Compliance Testing

DASY52 NEO is fully compliant with medical implant standards, e.g., ISO/TS 10974.
DASY52 NEO for R&D

DASY52 NEO is a highly flexible software in which most commands are accessible with Python scripts. It can perform any near-field scan of arbitrary shape in free-space or lossy media. It is particularly suited for R&D applications. It features:

  • fully configurable measurement grids
  • custom evaluation and post-processing algorithms
  • integration of third-party phantoms and probes.
Latest Release October 2018