Module mmWave of cDASY6

Module mmWave V1.6 of cDASY6

Power Density Compliance Testing

Module mmWave V1.6 enables power density compliance testing as close as 2 mm from any surface for frequencies up to 110 GHz with minimal uncertainty. The module is compatible with all international and national standards, e.g., IEC TC106 AHG10, FCC, etc.

Optimized Measurement Grid

Based on the frequency, modulation, evaluation distance, spatial location, and extent of the transmitter array, the software automatically determines the optimal measurement grid and the separation of the two planes to minimize the total evaluation time.

Fast Area Scan

Fast Area Scan provides the E-field distribution over a whole EUT within a few minutes only.

Time Averaged PD

Module mmWave features measurements of devices that can control the transmitted power in real time over a defined time interval. The results shows the relative variation of power of time.

Post Processing Algorithms

The cDASY6 5G module uses the pseudo vector E-field measurement captured with the EUmmW probe to reconstruct all components of the E-field, the H-field, and the power density on the measurement plane

Python Interface

The Python interface allows the user to customize the testing process with simple or extensive scripts. The test sequence can be fully automated, as can the control of external devices, data post-processing, and even entire QA protocols. 

Test scripts and customer support are provided by SPEAG.

Release February 2019