H3DV7 - Isotropic H-Probe

3-Dimensional H-Field Probe for MRI and other Low Frequency Applications

Three concentric loop sensors with 3.8 mm loop diameters (3 turns each)
Resistively loaded detector diodes for linear response
Built-in shielding against static charges
PEEK enclosure material (resistant to organic solvents, e.g., glycolether)
ISO/IEC 17025 calibration service available.
Frequency 40 MHz – 1 GHz (absolute accuracy ± 6.0%, = 2);
Output linearized (can be extended to <20 MHz)
Directivity < ±0.2 dB (axial isotropy error);
< ±0.4 dB for f <100 MHz
Dynamic Range 0.01 A/m to 5 A/m at 128 MHz
E-Field Interference <10% at 1 GHz (for plane wave)
Dimensions Overall length: 337 mm (tip: 40 mm)
Tip diameter: 6 mm (body: 12 mm)
Distance from probe tip to dipole centers: 3 mm
Applications General magnetic near-field measurements up to 1 GHz (in air or liquids)
Field component measurements
Measurement of RF fields within MRI
Surface current measurements
Low interaction with the measured field
Compatibility DASY3, DASY4, DASY52 PRO and higher, EASY6, EASY4/MRI