E1TDSV1 - Time Domain Sensor

Miniaturized Time Domain Sensor Probes for E-field Measurements

Miniaturized fully optically isolated active magnetic or electric field sensor platform operation in the frequency range of 10 MHz 6 GHz.
Performs in both the frequency and time-domains while maintaining complete amplitute and phase information of the measured signal with unparalleled sensitivity and spatial resolution.

TDS Probe Kit consisting of :
1 Remote Unit (single or multi channel, stand-alone or PXI module)
1 Optical Receiver (including calibration certificate)
1 Software Interface to DASY52 NEO and SEMCAD X


Fully characterized/calibrated sensor head an remote unit

Frequency Range
10 MHz  6 GHz
Dynamic Range

120 dB (at 1 Hz RBW)
0.1 mV/m 100V/m

H/E Suppression

−20 dB at 2 GHz


Overall Length: xx mm
Dipole Size : < 3 mm
Sensor Housing Tip Diameter: 5 mm
Distance from probe tip to centers: x mm


Antenna/ Microwave, EMI/EMC, MRI

Compatibility DASY52 NEO