DASY6 Systems

What is DASY6?

DASY6 is the latest generation of the Dosimetric Assessment SYstem optimized for specific absorption rate (SAR) measurements, SAR compliance, and HAC evaluations. DASY6 builds on the power of our industry-leading dosimetric and near-field evaluation system, DASY52. Running on a significantly more robust platform and a more powerful measurement server, DASY6 offers much faster scanning with no sacrifice of measurement precision. All hardware and software are fully compatible with DASY52. The new system seamlessly integrates three software solutions:

  • cDASY6 Module SAR, optimized for SAR compliance testing to significantly reduce SAR assessment costs
  • cDASY6 Module mmWave, a novel software developed for power density compliance testing at mmWave frequencies
  • DASY V5.2 for generalized near-field evaluations with maximized flexibility.

DASY6 Measurement Systems


DASY6 is a flexible, high-precision near-field scanner equipped with advanced software for performing any near-field scan in arbitrary volumes in free-space or any dielectric media.

Standards Compatibility

DASY6 is compatible with:

  • all international and national SAR standards, e.g., IEC 62209-1, IEC 62209-2, IEEE 1528, CE and FCC regulations, etc. (software requirements: cDASY V6.0 or higher /DASY V5.2-SAR or DASY V5.2-PRO or DASY V5.2-NEO)
  • all international and national standards for power-density above 10 GHz, e.g., IEC TC 106 - AHG10, FCC, etc. (software requirements: cDASY6 Module mmWave V2.0 or higher)
  • all international and national standards for wireless power transfer, e.g., IEC 63184, etc. (software requirements: DASY V5.2-SAR)
  • all international and national standards for IoT, e.g., IEEE 1528.7 guide, etc. (software requirements: cDASY V6.6 or higher ))
  • hearing aid compatibility (HAC) standards, e.g., ANSI-C63.19 (software requirements: DASY V5.2-PRO, DASY V5.2-AIR, or DASY V5.2-NEO)
  • base-station standards, e.g., IEC 62232 (software requirements: cDASY V6.6 or higher)
  • medical implant standards, e.g., ISO/TS 10974 (software requirements: DASY V5.2-NEO)
  • near-field testing requirements, e.g., IEEE C95.3, EN 50392, EN 50357, etc. (software requirements: DASY V5.2-NEO)

DASY6 is compatible with the TX60L, TX90XL, and RX160 robots.

Robot selection depends on the required volume and area scans or number of phantoms (see platforms).


Various platforms that operate with 1 up to 4.5 phantoms are offered.

Measurement Server DASY6

The time-saving functions of cDASY6 can be fully exploited only with the new measurement server DASY6.


DASY6 is compatible with the following probes:

  • dosimetric probes: EX3DV4, ES3DV3, ET1DV4, EU2DV3 (software requirements: cDASY6/DASY52-SAR, DASY52-PRO, or DASY52-NEO)
  • mmWV probe: EUmmWV (software requirements: cDASY6 mmWave module)
  • free-space probes: ER3DV6, EF3DV3, EU2DV3, H3DV6, H3DV7, H3DV8, HU2DV3 (software requirements: DASY52-PRO, DASY52-AIR, or DASY52-NEO)
  • temperature probes T1V3, T1V3LAB (software requirement: any DASY52-xxx)
  • TDS probes (software requirement: DASY52-NEO)
  • third-party probes (software requirement: DASY52-NEO)
Phantoms and Broadband Liquids

DASY6 systems are fully compatible with the following SAR phantoms:

  • SAM-Twin
  • ELI
  • SAM Chin20 Right/Left
  • SAM Face-Down
  • SAM Head-Stand
  • Wrist
  • Ankle
  • Whole-Body Back Duke (WBBDuke)
  • Modular Flat Phantom (MFP)
  • Membrane Phantom (MEM)
  • Base Station Phantom (BSTP)

The systems are also compatible with the phantoms used with ZMT products. Custom-made phantoms can be easily integrated. 

DASY6 is also compatible with all tissue simulating liquids. 

Base-Station Simulator

cDASY6 inherently supports base-station simulators. The following base-station simulators are currently integrated:

  • Rohde & Schwarz CMW500
  • Rohde & Schwarz CMU200
  • Anritsu MT8820C, MT8821C
  • Keysight (Agilent) E5515C/E 8960

Other simulators and EUT firmware interfaces are user-programmable via an advanced Python interface.

The base-station simulators are connected via ANT, and the selected linearization parameters are verified via MAIA.


The scripting interface increases efficiency of the test process through automation. The software requirements are:

  • cDASY6 with API option
  • DASY V5.2 with NEO license (available for Python only)
Calibration DASY6 supports the novel Sensor Model Calibration (SMC) method, Probe Modulation Response (PMR) calibration, and standard linearization for calibration of pulsed signals.
Compatibility The cDASY V6.x Module SAR is fully compatible with cSAR3D and DAK. This allows cSAR3D to be seamlessly integrated into the certification process.
Upgrade Notes DASY52 systems can be easily upgraded to DASY6. The upgrade consists of the new software, a new phantom mounting structure with integrated probe alignment units, measurement server, MAIA, and ANT. In addition, novel broadband liquids are available.
Release April 2016