Phantom Teaching System

The MSTV / TP Phantom Teaching System

The phantom teaching system is used to perform mother scans, i.e., to precisely measure and record the location of the inner surface of the phantom. For the mother scan, the Teaching Probe 6V2 (TP6V2) is mounted on a special DAE that includes the μm detector and the associated Mother Scan Teaching V1 (MSTV1) electronics.
Usage in the cDASY6 SW A mother scan is performed by measuring the location of the phantom surface over the total measurable area. Mother scans are always performed with the MSTV1 electronics together with the TP6V2 probe that are delivered with every DASY6 system. This probe is based on a 3D Renishaw LP2 sensor, which ensures accurate detection of any shape with a measurement repeatability of 8 μm (1 μm for the sensor). Once the mother scan is complete, the CAD model of the phantom is registered (i.e., shifted in space and morphed) to match the measured set of points. If the registration fails, an error message is displayed and measurements in this specific phantom cannot be performed.
Battery Power >10 hours of operation with two 9.6 V NiMH batteries
Calibration Calibration not required