mmWave Components

mmWave Components

mmWave  Phantom & mmWave DUT Holder

The mmWave phantom has been designed to support EUT during 5G testing. The mmWave phantom approximates free-space conditions, allowing to evaluate not only the antenna side of the device but also the front (screen) side or any opposite-radiating side of wireless devices operating above 10 GHz without distorting the RF field. It consists of a 40 mm thick Rohacell plate used as a test bed, which has a loss tangent (tan δ) ≤ 0.05 and a relative permittivity (ɛr) ≤ 1.2. The high-performance RF absorbers are placed below the foam (Figure 1). The mmWave phantom is designed to be placed into standard slot of a DASY6 platform.

The solid low-density mmWave DUT holder assuring no impact on the DUT radiation performance and for easy positioning of the DUT in a vertical test configuration. Three configurations are available: holder for larger devices (e.g., tablets), small devices (e.g., smart phones) or a combined phantom for both small and large devices.


Verification Sources

The series of well characterized verification sources calibrated so that the user can perform the required system check easily and accurately before evaluating the device under test (DUT).