HAC T-Coil Extension

HAC T-Coil Extension for DASY SYSTEMS

Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) T-Coil Extension: Audio-Band Magnetic Test of Wireless Devices according to ANSI-C63.19 Extension is available for DASY systems of AIR, PRO, and NEO levels. 

Extends DASY with HAC RF extension for testing Audio-Band Magnetic (ABM) signals. This combination covers all measurements required for emissions from wireless devices and enables categorization of  wireless devices with combined evaluation of RF and ABM measurements.

AM1DVx Audio-Magnetic Field Probe

Active single sensor probe for both axial and radial measurement scans. Fully RF shielded, compatible with DAE, with adapted probe cup. ISO/IEC 17025 calibration service available.
AMCC Helmholtz Calibration Coil Allows calibration of the complete measurement setup.
AMMI Audio Magnetic  Measurement Instrument USB interface to PC
Probe signal digitization and power supply
Test signal generation for wireless device (via base-station simulator)
Auto-calibration and interface to AMCC for complete setup calibration


DASY4/DASY5 integrated ABM field scan, processing, visualization, and reporting:

  • Flexible new scan job with test signal selection
  • Predefined or user selectable test signals (e.g., artificial voice)
  • Spectral processing, filtering, weighting, and evaluation according to ANSI-PC63.19 (ABM1, ABM2, spectral response, signal level, etc.)

Predefined procedures for:

  • Calibration and verification of setup
  • Scanning and interpolation to find optimum axial and radial positions
  • Evaluation of performance at determined or predefined positions

Post-processing for interactive combined evaluation:

  • ABM (S/N), signal level, frequency response with interpolation
  • Combination with RF E-field and H-field scan results
  • Determination of  the optimum position coordinates (axial and radial)
  • Documentation-ready for inclusion into compliance report
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows inspection of scanned signal (including spectrum)
Accessories TMFS Telephone Magnetic Field Simulator
Remarks Base-station simulator with audio input required (not included)
Compatible with test arch phantom and Mounting Device for HAC testing (MD4HACV5) from HAC RF Extension