HAC RF Extension


SPEAG’s Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) RF Extension contains the necessary hardware to test wireless devices for HAC. Results of RF emission testing of E- and H-fields of wireless devices are displayed in M-class levels as required for ANSI-C63.19. Extensions for DASY-AIR, -PRO, and -NEO systems are available.

Test Arch Phantom
The HAC Arch Phantom enables easy and well-defined positioning of the phone and validation dipoles as well as simple teaching of the robot.
Dimensions: 370 × 370 × 370 mm
MD4HACV5 Mounting Device for HAC testing

In combination with the HAC Arch Phantom, the Mounting Device for HAC testing (MD4HACV5) enables accurate positioning of transmitters according to ANSI-C63.19, TIA 1042, or other specifications.

RF Emission Calibration Dipoles

CD700V3 – CD5500V3
The dipoles can be used to test hearing aids as described in ANSI-C63.19.
Product ISO/IEC 17025 calibration service available. 
Return Loss >15 18 dB over frequency band
>20 dB at calibration frequency
Options Dipoles for other frequencies or solutions and other calibration conditions upon request


Easy teaching of predefined ANSI-C63.19 measurement area
Predefined measurement procedures for compliance and validation
Evaluation incorporates automatic exclusion of high-level areas
Documentation ready for inclusion into compliance report
Probes Isotropic free H-field H3DV6 Probe and E-field ER3DV6 Probe needed for RF field measurements. ISO/IEC 17025 calibration service available.