Data Acquisition Electronics

DAE4 - Data Acquisition Electronics

High precision 3-channel differential voltmeter for use with SPEAG field, SAR and Temperature probes. Serial optical link for communication with DASY4/5/6 measurement server (Fully integrated in DASY52, and cDASY6 control software).
Two-step probe touch detector for mechanical surface detection and emergency robot stop.
Measurement Range −100 – +300 mV (16 bit resolution and two range settings: 4 mV, 400 mV)
Input Offset Voltage <5 µV (with auto zero)
Input Resistance 200 Mohm
Input Bias Current <50 fA
Battery Power >10 hours of operation (with two 9.6 V NiMH batteries)
Dimensions (L × W × H)
60 × 60 × 68 mm
Calibration ISO/IEC 17025 calibration service available.