ANT: Omni-Directional Ultra-Wideband Antenna

Description ANT is an ultra-wideband omni-directional antenna for use with base-station simulators or signal analyzers.
Application For achieving optimal connections between device and base-station simulator to establish calls, reliably conduct handovers, and change transmission modes.
Frequency Range 695 – 6000 MHz
Antenna Type Planar log spiral
Polarization Elliptical
Return Loss <11 dB, measured at end of cable
Input Port SMA female, 50 Ω
Maximum Input Power 25 dBm
Dimensions Base footprint: 10.0 × 10.0 cm
Arm height: 60.0 cm
Antenna diameter: 14.0 cm
Mass 1500 g, without cable
Cable 2 m, flexible, double-shielded coaxial cable
Connectors: SMA male to N male