AIA - Audio Interference Analyzer (discontinued)

The Audio Interference Analyzer measures the modulation interference factor (MIF) and the probe modulation factor (PMF) of modulated radiofrequency (RF) signals as required to meet the new hearing aid compatibility (HAC) standard. It is also perfectly suited for establishing the connection between base-station emulator and the device under test (DUT). It is compact, i.e., it fits on any emulator, and covers the entire mobile frequency band.

The Audio Interference Analyzer (AIA) is a hardware interface to evaluate the MIF and PMF of RF signals in the frequency range 698 – 6000 MHz as per the HAC standard ANSI C63.19-2011. It is operated with DASY52.8.4 via a USB interface. Conducted signals can be measured with high precision and repeatability. Direct digital readings with 0.01 dB resolution allows comparison of different modulations not only with respect to the MIF, but also for the weighted power RFaudio interference potential (API), which is of interest for possible exemptions from RF scanning. 

Measurements can also be used to verify the presence of correct transmission modes. In addition, the AIA can be used as an omni-directional ultra-wideband antenna when not connected via USB.

Frequency Range 698 – 6000 MHz (antenna 500 – 7000 MHz)
RF level −25 to + 15 dBm (at SMA connector)
MIF Sensitivity −40 dB (@ 0 dBm RF level)
Filter Type digital filtering of 48 kHz sampled envelope signals
Calibration integrated automatic calibrator, user adjustable factors
Accuracy <0.2 dB for most signals; repeatability <0.05 dB
Power Supply

via USB

Input Ports conducted: SMA neg., 50 Ohm
radiated: omni directional broadband antenna
Dimensions (L × W × H) 100 × 100 × 100 mm

Operating Modes

Conducted mode

Radiated mode


Antenna mode


precise evaluation of RF signals up to +15 dBm peak

radiated RF signals monitoring via the antenna with integrated pre-amplifier

ultra-wideband omni-directional antenna connected to SMA port in power off mode, for usage with base station simulators or signal analyzers

DASY52 SW Compatibility

DASY52.8.4 and higher
Accessories USB cable
Configuration data
Test protocol with standard waveforms
Applications HAC RF measurements (ANSI C63.19-2011)
RF envelope monitoring
Base station antenna for DASY, iSAR, cSAR3D