DAKS-12: DAK System for 4 MHz – 3 GHz 

Robust, portable, easy-to-use dielectric measurement system


DAKS-12 is a low cost, portable, and easy-to-use dielectric assessment system kit that combines the DAK-12 technology with the miniature portable Copper Mountain R60 VNA. The direct and rigid connection of the probe to the reflectometer allows the probe to be moved to the media under test after calibration, greatly simplifying measurements in the lab. The reflectometer communicates directly with the DAKS software via a USB port. The system is highly accurate and is especially recommended for use in specific absorption rate (SAR) compliance laboratories for routine measurement of the dielectric properties of the tissue simulating liquids directly inside the phantom. 



  • Characterization of materials for the electronics, chemical, food, and medical industries; system portability ideal for use in production lines.
  • Evaluation and validation of tissue simulating liquids for SAR measurements or for MRI safety experiments.


1 DAKS-12 Dielectric Probe
1 portable 1-port VNA
1 DAK-12 Short
4 DAK-12 MSS
1 thermometer
1 DAK verification kit
1 probe stand
1 DAK manual
1 DAK software and license


Calibration is performed according to SPEAG's high-quality standards; DAK probe calibration included within the scope of SPEAG's ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation; suitable for measurements with small and known tolerances.


The software is limited for use with supplied 1-port VNA; option to upgrade to the full version.

Compatible with the DASY 52.x software.


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