DAK-1.2E (5 – 50/67 GHz)

DAK-1.2E (5 GHz – 50/67 GHz)

Fast & Precise Dielectric Measurements


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This precision dielectric measurement system is designed to cover the 5 – 50 GHz frequency range with a single open-ended coaxial dielectric probe; with the DAK1.2E probe, the range is extended to 67 GHz. The system uses advanced algorithms and novel hardware to measure the dielectric properties of liquids, solids, and semi-solids over a broad range of parameters. The measurement method is fast and non-destructive to the material under test.

  • Characterization of materials for the electronics, chemical, food, and medical industries.
  • Measurement at high frequencies with excellent precision; broad frequency range coverage enables measurement of dielectric relaxation in a variety of materials.


1 DAK-1.2E for 5 – 67 GHz
1 DAK-3.5/1.2 Short
2 DAK-3.5/1.2 MSS
1 high-precision cable (1.85 F connectors, 0.4 m long)
1 thermometer
1 DAK verification kit
1 probe stand
1 DAK manual
1 DAK software and license

Probe Description

Connector Type: 2.4mm / 1.85 mm male (DAK-1.2/1.2E)
Outer Conductor Inside Diameter: 1.2 mm
Inner Conductor Diameter: 0.28 mm
Flange Diameter: 18 mm
Dielectric Bead Material: Epoxy
Flange: Stainless steel
Immersible Length: 30 mm
Robustness: High resistance to corrosive materials
Operating Temperature Range: 0 - 50 °C


Many advanced features

VNA Compatibility

Compatible with the most popular vector network analyzers (VNA) on the market; please see our list of currently supported VNAs; ask about our attractive system packages with the VNA from Rohde & Schwarz.

Upgrade Options

Extending the lower frequency to 200 MHz:
1 DAK-3.5 Dielectric Probe
2 DAK-3.5/1.2 MSS
1 high-precision cable (PC3.5 F connectors, 1 m long)

Extending the lower frequency to 10 MHz:
1 DAK-12 Dielectric Probe
1 DAK-12 Short
2 DAK-12 MSS
1 DAK-3.5 Dielectric Probe
2 DAK-3.5/1.2 MSS
1 high-precision cable (PC3.5 F connectors, 1 m long)


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