cSAR3D-A enables fully automated cSAR3D testing of thousands of SAR measurements with only one click. To achieve the required precision in positioning the wireless devices under test (DUT) on the cSAR3D phantoms, SPEAG has developed a low-loss non-conductive gripper arm with pneumatic control. The suction of the gripper arm is strong enough to pick up a wide range of devices, including large tablets. It is mounted on Stäubli’s TX60L or TX90XL robot, both of which have absolute positioning accuracy of 0.2 mm and a repeatability of 0.02 mm. Accuracy is further refined with laser alignment of the wireless device. All edges of the device are inserted into light beam switches to teach the size and position before measurements are performed.

System Package

Standard Package: Automated Device Positioner with Platform, including:

  • 1 TX60L Staubli Robot and CS8c Controller incl. Cabinet with remote control unit and emergency stop
  • 1 Robot Arm Extension with Device Holder, Adaptors and Overhead Camera Module
  • 1 Mounting Platform Integrating Robot and cSAR3D Systems with integrated device alignment units
  • 1 Robobox V1.x

Other packages are available.