Notice: Limited warranty on phantoms

Notice: Limited Warranty on Phantoms

We have recently noticed an increase in the number of reported failures of SPEAG phantoms related to use with certain tissue simulating liquid mixtures.

Although we have made considerable effort to make our probes and phantoms chemically compatible with a wide range of tissue simulating liquids, former narrow-band liquids for use at frequencies > 1 GHz have proven to be incompatible with resin-based phantoms over the long-term. Problematic constituents of the liquids include:


  • Diethylene glycol monobutyl ether (DGBE, sometimes abbreviated “Glycol”)
  • Ethoxylated p-tert-octyphenol (Triton® X-100)

Please also note that some countries require the use of protective gear and specialized ventilation when working with these liquids to protect the health of the operator.

SPEAG has recently replaced these liquids with broadband liquids HBBL600-6000V6 and MBBL600-6000V6, which are fully compatible over the long-term with our phantoms and are designed to protect operator health.

When former, now outdated critical liquids are used in resin based phantoms (Twin-SAM, ELI), the liquid must be removed at the end of the day, and the phantoms must be cleaned and dried overnight. The use of liquids other than those approved by SPEAG voids the warranty of the phantom regarding leakage and deformation of the shell. The warranty on new 3D-printed phantoms, e.g., the wrist and facedown phantoms, stipulates that the phantoms be used only with the new broadband or sugar-based liquids.

We encourage our customers to take the opportunity now to switch to the new broadband liquids to improve the long-term value of their DASY systems. The benefits include reduced phantom wear, little or no need to exchange liquids, lower need for maintenance, and dramatically improved operational efficiency.

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