Jan 18, 2010

iSAR² V2.1 Software Release

iSAR V2.1 Software Release

A new iSAR2 software release is now available. This release is the result of the popularity of our ultra-fast SAR scanners (iSAR Head and iSAR Flat) and great suggestions from our customers. Version 2.1 of the iSAR software has several new features, including a new multi-iSAR interface, a smart Combiner feature, and full extension of the software for frequencies up to 6 GHz. It also includes enhancements to our existing features, such as an improved Python interface and enhanced control of the CMU200.

GUI V2.1 demonstrating a new smart Combiner feature that enables you to select, visualize and remove individual measurements of a combined distribution.

Multi-iSAR Interface

With the iSAR V2.1 release, you can control two or more iSARs from the same software interface. This feature makes it possible to use one computer to measure several wireless transmitters. Simply connect each iSAR to the computer through USB, and you are able to control each iSAR separately. This enhances the ability to integrate the iSAR into the production line. It also saves money now that a separate computer is not required for each iSAR.

Smart Combiner

The Combiner feature (a powerful tool to combine multiple measurements in order enhance the resolution and to statistically improve the radiation pattern determination) is now smarter. The smart Combiner consists of two new features. One is the visualization of the measurement repeatability that is updated each time that a measurement is added to the combiner. The other is a new display that will allow you to see the individual measurements in the combined distribution. This feature enables a visual assessment of each distribution, and it allows you to select which ones to use for the combined distribution.

Improved Control of Other Equipment (CMU and IronPython Interfaces)

The CMU and IronPython interfaces provide flexible and automated control of radio communications testers and other equipment. The GPIB control of the CMU200 Universal Radio Communications Tester has been enhanced for ease of use and extended for better control of the wireless transmitter from the iSAR interface. Further control and flexibility of other devices is provided with an improved IronPython interface. The new IronPython interface can receive multi-threaded feedback through the interpreter window while handling user input commands at the same time.

GUI V2.1 demonstrating the improved Python interface for greater control of the iSAR and external devices.


Other Features

  • Intelligent channel/frequency selection: this enables you to select one of two parameters for the desired channel of the communications mode: the center frequency or the channel number. Selection of one parameter automatically updates the other parameter. This feature has been implemented for several communication modes, including GSM, IS-2000, IS-95 and UMTS.
  • Enhanced Timesweep: The Timesweep feature has also been enhanced to provide more information and ease of use. The Timesweep feature enables the visualization of the stability of a wireless transmitter.
  • Moveable SAR legend: clicking on a new button enables the SAR legend to be moved to another location if desired.
  • Identification of SAR peak: A green normal-vector line is used to show the location of the SAR peak on the display.



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