Apr 16, 2019

First Whole-Body Phantom WBBDuke for DASY6

SPEAG’s DASY6 phantom library extended with anatomically-shaped whole-body back phantom

In response to recurring demands for anatomically-shaped experimental whole-body phantoms for specific absorption rate (SAR) testing, in particular from government agencies, we have developed the new whole-body back phantom WBBDuke and integrated it into our DASY6 system. WBBDuke’s shape corresponds to the skin shell of the IT’IS Foundation’s Virtual Population (ViP) model Duke, a widely used member of the biggest collection of computational phantoms currently available. This is a great advantage as therefore, dosimetric measurements can be easily cross-validated with simulations. The corresponding numerical homogenous phantom is also made available.

full body duke web

The main application of WBBDuke is demonstration of SAR compliance of devices mounted to the back of a person, such as low frequency antennas or wireless-linked backpacks or charging vests. WBBDuke is fully compatible with the measurement procedures defined for application-specific phantoms in the latest draft of the unified SAR measurement standard IEC/IEEE 62209-1528. Other applications include evaluation of specific Internet of Things (IoT) devices operating in the nearest vicinity to the human body that cannot be assessed with current head and chest phantoms.

With DASY6, SPEAG offers a unique solution for demonstrating SAR compliance of IoT devices. Note that any customized phantom can be developed upon request.

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