Aug 7, 2012

DASY52.8.2 and SEMCAD X V14.6.6 Software Release

NEW RELEASE => DASY52.8.2 (969) and SEMCAD-X V14.6.6 (6824)

NEW RELEASE => DASY52.8.2 (961) and SEMCAD-X V14.6.6 (6816)
The following new features and reported bugs have been addressed in this release:

* NEW: MIF sensor & MIF measurement job - compatibility with HAC-2011 standard (please see Chapter 24, Sec. 24.8)
* NEW: Added features and user friendlier creation of compliance reports (please see Chapter 29)
* NEW: Predefined LTE setting files for remote control of CMW500 (please see Chapter 36)

* connector rotation angle now enabled for all probes (please see Section 6.2)
* more features added to the Area Scan job (please see Section 7.2.1)
* more pages and features added to the Tools-> Preferences (please see Section 8.5)
* updated medium parameter tolerances in uncertainty budgets (please see Section 19.21 and related tables)
* enhanced DASY automation Python API (for NEO system level - Chapter 32)
* corrected reported bugs of the result printout ("Report" feature from a DASY job)
* fixed license conflict for SAR level and dosimetric probes with enabled connector angle
* reordering of 100% completed jobs and procedures is now possible
* improved robustness of the interpolated uncertainty evaluator
* updated predefined file for DASY system validation according to SAR compliance standards
* corrected configuration files for ELI4.v5 and MFP5.1C phantoms

The new DASY52 software is available for download from the site
User name and password are the same as for the latest DASY 52.8 release.
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