Mar 19, 2015

SPEAG’s Full-Body EM Phantom, “POPEYE”, Takes Center Stage in Defining the Road Ahead for Wearable Device Testing

SPEAG’s Full-Body EM phantom, “POPEYE”, Takes Center Stage in Defining the Road Ahead for Wearable Device Testing

SPEAG is pleased to announce that our research partner, the IT'IS Foundation for Research on Information Technologies in Society, has joined forces with the Wireless Research Center of North Carolina (WRC) in a collaboration to address the need for the development of performance testing procedures for a broad range of next generation on-body, wearable, and near-body wireless devices for commercial, industrial, and medical applications. An integral part of this collaboration is the early validation and deployment of SPEAG’s anatomically correct posable full-body “POPEYE” phantom and other EM phantoms such as the forearm phantom that are intended to be used in standards development. The two parties will also focus on identification of research opportunities, generation of joint technical publications and realization of commercialization opportunities.

As part of its continued commitment to the development of EM phantoms for current and next generation device testing, SPEAG is proud to provide full support for this timely collaboration that is set to meet the challenges of the rapidly growing wearable device market and to facilitate the development of effective test methodologies for emerging wireless applications.





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