May 17, 2022

DASY8/6 Module HAC V1.2: Packed with New Features

Simplified procedures, additional viewer options, and more: SPEAG has further improved the user experience when testing compatibility with DASY8/6 Module HAC V1.2 between a wireless device and hearing aids according to ANSI C63.19-2019.

After the successful launch of the first version of our hearing aid compatibility module, DASY8/6 Module HAC V1.0, in November 2021, SPEAG has further improved the features and workflow of the module based on valuable customer feedback. Streamlined procedures and improved visualizations now make it easier and smoother to demonstrate compliance with ANSI C63.19-2019.

Compatibility with Windows 10/1

Module HAC V1.2 supports the latest hardware revision of the Audio Magnetic Measurement Instrument (AMMI). Based on the Roland Rubix22 USB audio interface, it is fully compatible with Windows 10/11.

Simplified Procedure

In Module HAC V1.2, the hearing aid compatibility test arch position and probe calibration results are persistent. It is no longer necessary to import them after restarting the Jupyter notebook – the last used values are automatically restored.


System response during probe angle determination


Automated Calculation of Codec / System Delay

The audio signal emitted by the wireless device under test may be delayed due to the codec latency. In Module HAC V1.2, this parameter no longer needs to be evaluated manually: it is now determined automatically in post-processing.

Additional Viewer Options

The field viewer comes with many new features: for example, users can now edit the color bar range and export all displayed data. In addition, the spectrally weighted undesired magnetic noise can now be visualized.


H-field distribution for a Telephone Magnetic Field Simulator (TMFS) measured in transverse orientation. The color bar range is editable


Intuitive Communication System User Interface

The communication system selection has also been further improved: the layout is more user-friendly and the most frequently used test channels (low/middle/high) are more prominently highlighted.


Selection of the communication system to be measured


Improved Post-Processing of Undesired Audio Band Magnetic Field

The post-processing algorithm for evaluating the undesired magnetic field in the audio band has been improved to avoid overestimation of when low-frequency components dominate.


DASY8/6 Module HAC V1.2, together with the updated manuals, can be downloaded here.

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May 23, 2014



New POPEYE Movie

New Video Demonstrating Features and Use of POPEYE.


May 20, 2014




May 19, 2014



SPEAG at the Joint Annual Meeting ISMRM-ESMRMB

Teams of Zurich MedTech, SPEAG, and the IT’IS Foundation participated in the Joint Annual Meeting ISMRM-ESMRMB held May 10 – 16 in Milan, Italy. 


May 9, 2014



Sim4Life Workshop @ ISMRM 2014

ZMT and SPEAG will launch the revolutionary new simulation platform Sim4Life at the Joint Annual Meeting ISMRM-ESMRMB 2014 in Milan, Italy. ZMT is sponsoring the ISMRM opening reception, presenting live demos at Booth #532, and organizing a dedicated workshop. 


May 8, 2014



DASY52.8.8 and SEMCAD X V14.6.10 Software Release

SPEAG is pleased to announce the release of DASY52.8.8 (1222) and SEMCAD-X V14.6.10 (7331). 


May 2, 2014



SPEAG and ZMT Zurich MedTech Ran a Successful Sim4Life Training for Distributors

SPEAG and ZMT organized a training session at their Zurich headquarters to prepare distributors for the upcoming launch of Sim4Life, the first commercial multiphysics, multiscale simulation platform for computational biomedical and life sciences applications in complex anatomies.


Apr 22, 2014



ZMT Zurich MedTech presentation in the ISMRM Product Theater

ZMT Zurich MedTech will exhibit at the ISMRM conference (booth #532) and will participate in the ISMRM Product Theater (booth #444)


Apr 10, 2014



DAKS – Dielectric Measurements Made Easier

SPEAG is delighted to announce the release of an improved version of the Dielectric Assessment Kit System (DAKS). With a longer probe and a dedicated trigger button, the new DAKS makes dielectric measurements easier than ever.


Feb 26, 2014



SAM-Mask 6 degrees V2

SPEAG Launches New and Improved SAM-MASK 6 DEGREES V2




Jan 29, 2014



SEMCAD X Matterhorn

 SPEAG and ZMT recently released the internal beta version of SEMCAD X Matterhorn to an enthusiastic reception from our partners.


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