Sep 21, 2023

Z43 Glowing Night

On September 15, 2023, Z43 celebrated its dazzling annual party in a mesmerizing journey of the 1970s neon, psychedelic wonders, and culinary delights.

On September 15, 2023, after a nearly 4-year break, Z43 hosted its dazzling annual party at ZSG Werfthalle in Zurich Wollishofen. Approximately 350 enthusiastic guests, from the moment they arrived, were transported to a world of vibrant nostalgia, as the venue pulsated with the spirit of the 1970s.

As in previous years, the event was catered by Franzoli, whose culinary prowess contributed to an unforgettable experience. Guests were treated to an array of delectable dishes, each a testament to Franzoli's creativity and vast expertise. From retro-inspired Russian salad to elegantly presented sushi, pasta, and a variety of vegan and meat options that were available at various food stations throughout the night, every bite was a journey through flavors and textures that left a lasting impression.

The dress code “dress to glow!" was embraced with gusto, covering everything from bell-bottomed trousers to psychedelic prints, transforming the venue into a riot of colors and patterns that glowed brilliantly under the pulsating blacklights. The venue decoration provided by Pfeffermint, together with spectacular sound and light installations by Invasion further added to the immersive experience.

The Tin Soldiers took us on a journey of rock music with a focus on the 1960’s and 70’s, seamlessly blending with the lively beats of DJane Nici and DJ Evangelos, creating an electric atmosphere that had everyone on their feet dancing.

A couple of performances also left an indelible mark on the evening. First up, led by show master Mike Summerfield, were Z43’s sales channels, who delighted everyone with their spirited karaoke renditions. Their enthusiasm was so infectious that the crowd instinctively joined in the fun. A little later in the evening, IT'IS students took the stage to perform with great enthusiasm and creativity a fun neon-inspired dance show act that immediately captivated the audience. Niels Kuster delivered his traditional monolog, whereby he summarizes Z43 events since the last party, targeting co-workers with witty barbs. This party’s roasting was a bit milder than in previous years, leading to speculation that Niels may be softening with age.

The fortunate crowd was blessed with perfect weather, as sunshine bathed the outdoor areas, allowing guests to enjoy the first half of the festivities under the open sky with a stunning view of the Lake of Zurich.

A massive and heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to this extremely special event, and, in particular, to the organizing team for their achievement in creating an unforgettable night.

Z43 GlowingNight amandanikolic 7

Welcome to Z43's Glowing Night extravaganza! 

Z43 GlowingNight amandanikolic 365

Niels Kuster and new IT'IS President Prof. Alex Dommann and his wife Ursula.

Z43 GlowingNight amandanikolic 97

The Franzoli team at work.

Z43 GlowingNight amandanikolic 196

Glowing jelly, anyone?

Z43 GlowingNight amandanikolic 133

Let's get this party started!

Z43 GlowingNight amandanikolic 158

View into the party location.

Z43 GlowingNight amandanikolic 193

Karaoke time with our Z43 sales channels.

Z43 GlowingNight amandanikolic 329

Glowing dance show act by IT'IS students.

Z43 GlowingNight amandanikolic 265

Traditional monolog by party host Niels Kuster.

Z43 GlowingNight amandanikolic 287

Let's hit the dance floor and keep the groove grooving.



Sep 19, 2023



SPEAG and ZMT Distributor Week 2023

In September, SPEAG and Z43 partner ZMT welcomed our global sales channels to the annual distributor week in Zurich.


Aug 31, 2023



Anritsu and SPEAG Partner Up

Anritsu Corporation features its collaboration with SPEAG in a press release


Jul 20, 2023



SEMCAD X Matterhorn V20.2.3 Maintenance Release

SPEAG announced the release of SEMCAD X Matterhorn V20.2.3, an updated version of SEMCAD X Matterhorn V20.2.1.


Jul 17, 2023



Successful 2023 Z43–Auden Seminar & Workshop

Another intense but very fruitful exchange at this year's Z43–AUDEN Seminar & Workshop series in Taiwan and China, where we presented the latest products for the wireless and medical industry.


Jun 6, 2023



DASY8/6 Module WPT V2.0: Enhanced and Fast WPT Compliance Testing

SPEAG released DASY8/6 Module WPT V2.0, which integrates the new MAGPy Version 2 with the DASY8/6 system and provides 8-times faster, more accurate, and total field (magnetic and electric field) compliance testing of sources emitting any periodic signals (<10 MHz) against the basic restrictions.


Apr 25, 2023



DASY8-3D V1.4 5G & WIFI 6E

SPEAG has released DASY83D V1.4 which supports 5G and WIFI 6E testing, improved automatization and precision, and an enhanced user experience.


Mar 23, 2023



MAGPy Version 2 – A Performance Boost

MAGPy customers can rejoice: SPEAG has released MAGPy Version 2, which includes a redesigned probe and extended software. MAGPy guarantees accurate extrapolation of incident fields to the probe surface, support of pulsed and multifrequency signals, and estimates of all basic restriction quantities required by regulators. MAGPy is fully compatible with IEC/IEEE 63184:2023 and meets all the latest FCC and ISED requirements. MAGPy Version 2 can now also be used as part of the measurement system DASY8/6 Module WPT. 


Mar 2, 2023



DASY8/6 Module R&D V1.0: High-Precision Electromagnetics for your R&D Projects

SPEAG’s solution for electromagnetic evaluations for research and development – DASY8/6 Module R&D V1.0 – has been released! The programmable and highly flexible platform allows power users to easily add custom scans to the predefined, comprehensive library to integrate third-party probes using an extensive and growing application programming interface. The easy-to-use graphical interface guides users through the measurement, data visualization, and export process.


Jan 26, 2023



Zurich43 Retreat 2023: Energy Demystified

From January 23–24, 2023, Z43 participants gathered at Huus Gstaad, nestled between the snowy peaks of the Bernese Alps, for the 2023 retreat on the topic "Energy Demystified - Science & Technology, Economics & Scalability, & Behaviorism."


Dec 20, 2022



DASY8/6 Module mmWave V3.2: Equivalent Source Generalized Reconstruction

SPEAG's novel source reconstruction algorithm uses a set of auxiliary sources to reconstruct the complete electromagnetic model of any transmitter! In Module mmWave V3.2, this method can now be used for measurement frequencies up to 110 GHz.

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