Nov 28, 2023

Celebration of 1000 DASY Robots Sold

This milestone symbolizes the strong partnership between Stäubli and SPEAG and our shared commitment to excellence in instrumentation

Our robotics partner, Stäubli, organized a great party on the shore of lake Zurich to celebrate the milestone of 1000 robots sold to SPEAG. More importantly, it celebrates the successful 30-year partnership between two companies founded in the Zurich area.

Stäubli was founded in 1892 in Horgen, Switzerland, a city on lake Zurich that is today a 20-minute train ride away from SPEAG headquarters. Stäubli started by developing innovative machines for the weaving industry, and in 1982 it diversified into robotics.

SPEAG was founded as a spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich in 1994 to commercialize DASY, the first automated system to scan the electromagnetic near field in human phantoms for mobile phone compliance.

From the beginning, SPEAG reached out to Stäubli to supply robots for DASY. Stäubli’s precision robots were a natural fit to our need for accurate, repeatable positioning of our dosimetric probes, and working with Stäubli was in line with our “Swiss Made” philosophy.

Over the years, Stäubli robots have been central to the precision of SPEAG products, and this has helped earn SPEAG a position as market leader and trusted supplier of high-quality near field measurement equipment.

Now, nearly 30 years later, we celebrate our 1000th robot and more importantly an expanded portfolio of instrumentation for evaluation of wireless devices with respect to near-field exposure limits, which includes:

Our sister company, ZMT Zurich MedTech AG uses Stäubli robots in two systems (MITS, and piX) for safety evaluation of patients with implantable medical devices during magnetic resonance imaging exposure.

Thank you to Stäubli for the nice evening and for a strong partnership that will continue for many years to come.

SPEAG’s Bruno Reumer and Stäubli’s Patricia Beltramini unveiling Stäubli’s robot gift to SPEAG.


For further information, please contact us at or any of our sales channels.


Jun 6, 2023



DASY8/6 Module WPT V2.0: Enhanced and Fast WPT Compliance Testing

SPEAG released DASY8/6 Module WPT V2.0, which integrates the new MAGPy Version 2 with the DASY8/6 system and provides 8-times faster, more accurate, and total field (magnetic and electric field) compliance testing of sources emitting any periodic signals (<10 MHz) against the basic restrictions.


Apr 25, 2023



DASY8-3D V1.4 5G & WIFI 6E

SPEAG has released DASY83D V1.4 which supports 5G and WIFI 6E testing, improved automatization and precision, and an enhanced user experience.


Mar 23, 2023



MAGPy Version 2 – A Performance Boost

MAGPy customers can rejoice: SPEAG has released MAGPy Version 2, which includes a redesigned probe and extended software. MAGPy guarantees accurate extrapolation of incident fields to the probe surface, support of pulsed and multifrequency signals, and estimates of all basic restriction quantities required by regulators. MAGPy is fully compatible with IEC/IEEE 63184:2023 and meets all the latest FCC and ISED requirements. MAGPy Version 2 can now also be used as part of the measurement system DASY8/6 Module WPT. 


Mar 2, 2023



DASY8/6 Module R&D V1.0: High-Precision Electromagnetics for your R&D Projects

SPEAG’s solution for electromagnetic evaluations for research and development – DASY8/6 Module R&D V1.0 – has been released! The programmable and highly flexible platform allows power users to easily add custom scans to the predefined, comprehensive library to integrate third-party probes using an extensive and growing application programming interface. The easy-to-use graphical interface guides users through the measurement, data visualization, and export process.


Jan 26, 2023



Zurich43 Retreat 2023: Energy Demystified

From January 23–24, 2023, Z43 participants gathered at Huus Gstaad, nestled between the snowy peaks of the Bernese Alps, for the 2023 retreat on the topic "Energy Demystified - Science & Technology, Economics & Scalability, & Behaviorism."


Dec 20, 2022



DASY8/6 Module mmWave V3.2: Equivalent Source Generalized Reconstruction

SPEAG 新颖的源重建算法使用一组辅助源来重建任何发射机的完整电磁模型!在毫米波模块V3.2中,此方法现在可用于测量高达 110 GHz 的频率。


Dec 13, 2022



SEMCAD X Matterhorn Release V20.2

SEMCAD X Matterhorn V20.2 提供了新功能和主要增强功能,进一步增强了我们客户用于研究、设备设计和优化以及合规性评估的计算器工具集。


Dec 9, 2022



DASY8-3D V1.2 Highly Flexible & Smooth

SPEAG 发布了DASY83D V1.2。该版本包含重要的改进 - 例如,现在可以轻松设置并自动执行具有数千种配置的复杂测量序列。


Nov 4, 2022



Successful 2022 Z43–Auden Seminar & Workshop

Z43 partners were happy to be back in Taiwan after a three-year Covid-19-break to hold the 2022 Z43–AUDEN Seminar & Workshop and showcase the latest products for the wireless and medical industries

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