CTIA's ANKLE and CHEST Phantoms Released Ahead of Test Plan Release

SPEAG responds to over-the-air certification priorities set by CTIA

Today, SPEAG released two new CTIA phantoms for over-the-air (OTA) testing: the generic ANKLE (GAPC-V1) and the generic CHEST (GCPC-V1) phantoms. In direct response to the certification needs of the wireless industry, and to the test plan priorities set by the CTIA, we have developed these two phantoms specifically geared towards certification of ankle and chest worn devices. They were developed in close collaboration with CTIA's OTA working group, combine high repeatability and easy-usage, and supplement our current family of CTIA phantoms. All our phantoms are fabricated from our standard proven body material, fully meeting CTIA’s dielectric parameters for frequencies between 300 MHz ‒ 6 GHz. In addition, high frequency versions of all phantoms are available for frequencies ranging from 3 GHz to >100 GHz.

ankle phantom stand web

The ANKLE phantom provides a well-defined test reference point for devices worn on the foot and lower leg. It consists of a generic calf and an anatomical foot and is equipped with a removable ground plane.

chest phantom strap web

The CHEST phantom is optimized for testing of chest-worn devices such as mobile phones to wireless cardio devices. It complements our anatomically shaped POPEYE10 phantom series that are larger and much heavier but offer maximum flexibility and better representations of use cases. As for all other SPEAG phantoms, specialized fixtures and graticules for repeatable positioning are available for both the ANKLE and CHEST phantoms.

SPEAG is a long-standing CTIA partner in phantom design with over 10 years of experience in phantom development. Our existing phantom series ranges from generic blocks to full-body phantoms covering any wireless applications operating below 10 MHz to over 100 GHz. The proven quality of our phantoms has enabled us to maintain market leadership in standardized electromagnetic (EM) phantoms as well as the development of new EM phantoms ahead of standardization.

For more information on our expanding EM phantoms family, please contact us at and/or visit our webpage.





IT'IS at ICES TC95 Meeting in Rosslyn, VA, 14-16 Aug 2017

In August 2017, the International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety (ICES) Technical Committee 95 held their bi-annual meeting in Rosslyn, VA, to update electromagnetic exposure standards.





cDASY6 5G Module Release V1.0

SPEAG is proud to announce cDASY6 5G Module Release V1.0, featuring reduced scan time, automated evaluation of several planes, and a simplified user-interface.





Communication Systems Update

Updated communication system summary for usage with DASY6 and cSAR3D.






Successful SPEAG / ZMT Hardware and Software Workshops in China and Taiwan

SPEAG, ZMT Zurich MedTech AG and their distribution partner in China and Taiwan, AUDEN Technology Corporation, hosted the popular Annual Hardware & Software Workshop Series in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen (China), as well as Taipei (Taiwan) in June 2017. Overall, more than 200 participants from industry and academia explored SPEAG's and ZMT’s latest innovations and product updates, and discovered how SPEAG’s and ZMT’s solutions and technology roadmap adds value to their current R&D operations while anticipating future technological advances in 2017 and beyond.





cDASY6 Release V6.4

SPEAG is happy to announce the release of cDASY6 V6.4. With V6.4, the greatly reduced measurement time and the testing automatization of our DASY6 system is now accepted by all regulators. The release also entails all necessary features to meet the upcoming unified IEC 62209-U standard and is capable of testing all IoT devices.





SEMCAD X Matterhorn Release V16.4

SPEAG is proud to release Version 16.4 of its SEMCAD X Matterhorn simulation platform, offering major performance boosts from subgridding to high performance computing (HPC) and Cloud Computing! Moreover, all toolsets, including our powerful 5G simulation package, have been refined to further automate and streamline the application flows in areas of equipment optimization, 5G/wireless technology and optimization of in-/on-body communication devices - making your simulations once again faster and more effective.





cDASY6 acceptance by FCC

Update from the TCB Council Workshop in Baltimore (2-4 May 2017).





IEC TC106 Meeting Update

IEC Standards TC106, implementing innovative solutions for electromagnetic exposure assessment, have moved towards publication. SPEAG is well positioned to satisfy the needs of these new standards.





Commercial Release of IEC 62209-3 Validation Antennas

Validation sources enable independent evaluation of the performance of specific absorption rate (SAR) measurement systems, in accordance with draft IEC 62209-3.





Major cDASY6 Release: V6.4

SPEAG is announcing the Beta-Release of cDASY6.4 that offers a multitude of assets and improvements, expanding the existing capabilities of DASY52. At the same time, it is already fully compatible with the upcoming standard IEC 62209-U. The final release will become available on June 20th, 2017.

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