SPEAG Exhibition at MWC19 in Barcelona

Great response from our customers at Mobile World congress 2019

SPEAG, together with our Taiwanese and Chinese agent Auden Techno Corp, exhibited at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, 25 - 28th February 2019. Our experts had a very busy time during the exhibition directly discussing with our customers their measurement needs on simulation tools to verification of electromagnetic nearfield measurement problems.

At the booth, customers were provided with an overview of our range of unique measurement tools, including our latest micro antenna measurement system, the optical head for vector network analyzers (OH4VNA), and a variety of 5G phantoms covering the frequency range of 300 MHz – 110 GHz. In addition, we showcased the latest version of our world-leading specific absorption rate (SAR) measurement system DASY6 by live-testing a set of mounted goggles on a face down IoT head phantom. To complete our range of presentations, we demonstrated our latest version of SEMCAD X Matterhorn V17.0, which offers many new 5G features with astonishing computational accelerations including EM Phantoms for 5G transmitters.

We would like to thank all of our customers for the great interest in our products, the fruitful discussions at the booth, and the continued support!

MWC19 1

Demonstration of DASY6 at MWC19 by our Sales Director Mike Summerfield to interested experts from industry and academia.

MWC19 2

Live-testing within the DASY6 software/GUI: setup, measurement and postprocessing of a set of mounted goggles on a face down IoT head phantom.

MWC19 3

Our experts from SPEAG, Auden and BNN in the SPEAG/Auden MWC19 booth, including President Daniel Chang and Prof. Niels Kuster.





SEMCAD X Workshop Raffle Winner

At the end of the SEMCAD X User Meeting & Workshop at APS/URSI 2010, a NVIDIA Tesla C1060 card & Acceleware Token license was given away in a raffle.





New Product: CRANE for iSAR²

SPEAG is introducing the CRANE for iSAR². CRANE enables testing of wireless devices on the iSAR² Flat or Head with headsets or data cables attached.





New Product: Broad-Band Liquids for new IEC/IEEE standards

SPEAG introduces a new series of tissue simulating liquids that are broad-band based on the environmental friendlier Tween ingredient and fully compliant with the new IEC/IEEE standards allowing ±10% tolerance on the liquid parameters.





NRC, with SPEAG, offers a unique software platform for MRI system design

The National Research Council Institute for Biodiagnostics (NRC-IBD) has teamed up with SPEAG to offer a unique software platform for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner design. The new platform seamlessly integrates powerful new tools for radiofrequency (RF) array design and post-processing and is the first software of its kind to combine all the tools needed to design RF-phased arrays into a single user friendly program.





New Product: PRE - 10

This new product PRE - 10 is a 3 channel voltage divider which extends the operation of existing SPEAG probes for use in very high fields (> 5 kV/m; > 10 kW/kg). It is compatible with all our E-Field, H-field and SAR probes.





New SEMCAD X Distributor in Italy

Schmid & Partner Engineering AG (SPEAG) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Telprom, who will be responsible for selling SEMCAD X in Milano, Italy.


ISO 17025 Calibration of Dielectric Probes (OCP) now available

Our calibration laboratory has successfully established the capability for calibration of open-ended coaxial probes (OCP).





Release of SEMCAD X Aletsch V14.2

The SEMCAD X Team is pleased to announce the release of SEMCAD X V14.2 Aletsch, a major upgrade  six months of intense deincorporatingvelopment work. This release offers a range of powerful new features, more robust handling, as well as new customization options.

The relevant SEMCAD X for Win XP/ Win 7 and 32/64bit platforms are available for download.





EASY4 V4.6 New release

The new EASY4 software release V4.6 extends the usage to fields with large peak-to-average (PAR) ratios by adaption to the improved probe modulation signal calibration and also includes setting of Access Levels. The changes to the user interface are minimal and old setup and calibration files are still compatible with this version.





iSAR² V2.1 Software Release

A new iSAR2 software release is now available. This release is the result of the popularity of our ultra-fast SAR scanners (iSAR Head and iSAR Flat) and great suggestions from our customers. Version 2.1 of the iSAR software has several new features, including a new multi-iSAR interface, a smart Combiner feature, and full extension of the software for frequencies up to 6 GHz. It also includes enhancements to our existing features, such as an improved Python interface and enhanced control of the CMU200.

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