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The following files are reserved for DASY52 / DASY6 customers.

Please consult the following instructions in order to download your files:

HowTo Download, 5 kB (TXT)


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1. License Installer & Download Code Generator

License Installer, 150 MB (EXE)

2. Readme

ReadMe (DASY52), 5 kB (TXT)

ReadMe (cDASY6 - Module SAR), 2 kB (TXT)

ReadMe (cDASY6 - Module mmWave), 3 kB (TXT)

2.1 Release Notes

cDASY6 - Module SAR news release

cDASY6 - Module mmWave news release

DASY52 news release

3. DASY Software Installers

DASY52 V10.3 Installer for Windows XP, 7, 8/8.1 & 10 (210 MB, EXE)
   valid only for CS8c/TX robots
cDASY6 Module SAR  V6.10 Installer for Windows8/8.1 & Windows 10 (780 MB, EXE)
   valid only for CS8c/TX robots
cDASY6 Module mmWave V2.0 Installer for Windows8/8.1 & Windows 10 (1 GB, EXE)
   valid only for CS8c/TX robots

4. Manual & Documentation

DASY6 System Handbook (Oct 19 Edition), 142 MB, PDF
DASY6 Certificate of Conformity (April 18 Edition), 6 MB, PDF

5. Additional Files

SPEAG Communication Systems 20190809, 10 MB (XML File)

6. Validation Documents

Validation Report DASY6 Module SAR (October 19 Edition), 16 MB, PDF
Validation Report DASY6 Module mmWave (October 19 Edition), 6 MB, PDF