Rouholahnejad, Fereshteh

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Rouholahnejad, Fereshteh

Product Head - EM Phantoms


Fereshteh Rouholahnejad was born in Iran in 1975.


Fereshteh majored in chemistry and completed her PhD studies in physical chemistry at Isfahan University of Technology in 2005, working on the design and construction of an adjustable pressure ion mobility spectrometer (IMS). She showed how increasing the pressure of the drift gas improves the peak resolution and therefore the separation factor in ion mobility spectra, which helps the IMS community to design and build better devices.

Fereshteh worked as a visiting PhD student in the Nano-Optics group at the ETH Zurich, where she set up an optical tweezer for manipulating and rotating micrometer size particles. She continued at the ETH, working as a postdoctoral fellow in the Organic Chemistry Institute, where she redesigned and constructed a Fourier-transform IMS and coupled it with a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer to study the Ziegler-Natta polymerization mechanism and kinetics to characterize a catalyst known as a “lazy catalyst”. Understanding the kinetics of the polymerization through simulation of the reactions guided her and her colleagues to modify the activation of the catalyst and achieve a very narrow size-distribution of the polymer.

In further postdoctoral positions at the Functional Genomic Center Zurich and at EAWAG, Fereshteh focused more on analytical chemistry applications, including mass spectrometry of proteins, glycans, and metabolites. She joined Profilomic S.A. as the head of the mass spectrometry laboratory in 2017, where she managed a small team of scientists. She was mainly responsible for communicating directly to customers to understand their specific needs and coordinating the development of customized new analytical offerings to achieve solutions that address customers’ needs, while working closely with business developers, quality managers, stakeholders, and suppliers.

Fereshteh joined the SPEAG team as Product Head for EM Phantoms in December 2018. She is responsible for the EM Phantoms product line and development of novel phantom solutions for application in OTA and medical devices.