Tonini, Andrea

Tonini, Andrea

Application Engineer


Andrea was born in Florence, Italy in 1969. He earned his degree in Electronic Engineering in 1995 from the Politecnico of Milan, Italy. During his studies, he focused on an ultra sensitive optical phase measurement as part of the "polarization of the vacuum with laser" (PVLAS) experiment, conducted at the National Institute of Nuclear Physic (INFN) Labs in Legnaro-Italy.


He worked for nearly 3 years as a researcher in photonics lab of the Politecnico of Milan and in Pirelli Photonics Research Center in Milan, working mainly on fiber optic measurements, optical sensors, polarization controllers, and photonics switches. In 1999, he joined EMC SA, a spin-off of Cablecom located in Bellinzona Switzerland as a senior optical and electronic engineer, and developed new FTTH and FTTB networks designs. In 2005, he completed a Master’s Degree in Embedded Systems Design from the USI, Lugano. In 2011, he joined DANI Instruments SA in Contone Switzerland as an Electronics Manager and was in charge of an electronic group management for a novel mass spectrometer product line. He also worked for the TAV Engineering as a USA Business Development Manager.

Andrea joined SPEAG in August 2014.