Pfeifer, Serge

Pfeifer, Serge

Software Engineer


Serge was born in 1983 in Switzerland. He studied Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the ETH Zurich, ETH Lausanne and at the University of Edinburgh. He focused on signal processing and communications. In 2006, he completed an internship at NXP Semiconductors. He received his Master's degree in 2008.


During his PhD at the Sensory-Motor Systems Lab at the ETH Zurich, he developed a robotic leg prosthesis, a project that included biomechanical simulations and data mining techniques to develop control algorithms. In 2011, he spent five months at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago as a visiting researcher working on system identification of human knee joints. He obtained his PhD degree in 2014.

Serge joined the SPEAG team in October 2014.