Fallahi, Parisa

Fallahi, Parisa

Product Head - EM Phantoms


Parisa was born in the UK in 1977. She studied physics at Imperial College, London, receiving her Bachelor of Science in 1999. She went on to Cambridge, MA, to study towards her Masters and PhD in Harvard University's School of Applied Science and Engineering.


During her PhD work, Parisa combined scanning-probe (AFM) techniques with low-temperature nano- electronics and developed a novel imaging technique for electrons in single-electron transistors. After completing her PhD, she joined the quantum photonics group at ETH Zurich as a postdoctoral fellow and senior scientist, where she worked towards implementation of quantum optical communication and computation schemes based on electron spins in quantum dots.

Parisa joined SPEAG in September 2014 where she works towards development of novel phantom solutions for a variety of applications including OTA and medical. She is responsible for the EM Phantoms product line and represents SPEAG in CTIA OTA standards committees.